Last Exile - Alvis E. Hamilton - Lavie Head - 1/...Last Exile - Alvis E. Hamilton - Lavie Head - 1/8 (Alter)


Last Exile - Alvis E. Hamilton - Lavie Head - 1/8 (Alter)





© Alter / Gonzo / Iwamoto Kunihito / Murata Range

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01 day ago (1 day ago)FreezasaurusFreezasaurus
Heads up... this is up for back-order at AmiAmi.
022 days agoanarchyplatinumanarchyplatinum
Selling mine sealed, 72 USD, free shipping in the US. PM if interested!
01 month agomnthundermnthunder
AmiAmi B+/B 5,760 JPY (ext link)
01 month agoBelmaniBelmani
Looking for Buy !
02 months ago (1 month ago)mnthundermnthunder
Aya-chan (2 months ago) #2201037searching this figures ... Anyone wants to sell?

One popped up on AmiAmi for 5,040 JPY B/B (ext link)
02 months agoAya-chanAya-chan
searching this figures ... Anyone wants to sell?
03 months ago (3 months ago)mnthundermnthunder
Picked this up on a whim so I could get free shipping on Rakuten, and I have to say I a glad I did. It has already become one of my favorite. The thing I was most pleased with wasn't the figure itself, but it was the box it came with. This was the absolute perfect package for this figure. I doubt I will display the figure without the box too often.
04 months agoReltairReltair
Last one left at Figure Haven:
(ext link)
04 months agoNorthen_LightsNorthen_Lights
Mandarake 6,000yen (ext link)
05 months agoalazif03alazif03
I bought them earlier than I planned to, because when I made a phone call to Figurines Mania, they said there was only one left. 20% off, that's not bad and it's a French store so i don't risk to have some customs!

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