Bleach - Abarai Renji - Bleach Styling (Bandai)Bleach - Abarai Renji - Bleach Styling (Bandai)


Bleach - Abarai Renji - Bleach Styling (Bandai)





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07 months agorairai - "baka neko!"
finally added this figure to my collection <3 love timeskip renji! he's going to look great in the detolf!
07 months agosoyokazestudiosoyokazestudio
Ugh. to keep boxed or unbox. That is always the question. Nice to see Renji getting some love in this thread lol.
010 months agolauvaulauvau
I'm loving this collection, can't get enough of post-timeskip Renji's looks <3
Unsure whether to unbox mine or not though...
02 years agoLadyStarstormLadyStarstorm
This whole set is really nice, but Renji far and away takes the cake. I'm not the biggest Renji fan but this sculpt is truly great, and his hair and expression really make it.
02 years ago (1 month ago)AndyPandaAndyPanda
Willing to trade ~pm me
02 years agocamui_ayumicamui_ayumi
sell the set (ichigo-rukia-renji) for €50 pm me :)
02 years agosquallsquall
have two heads, like others in set
double Ichigo in all sets
02 years agoShinigamiMaidShinigamiMaid
Wulf49Don't know about HS but on Amiami in the deatails description it says: "Packed according to maker's rate from all 3 types". So we should be good as far as getting one of each.
thanks it just threw me for a mo i was like wait we get all 3 or not
i did order with amiami would have done it with them anyway
02 years agoeMKaeMKa
Oh...That long hair...LOVE iT LOVE IT LOVE IT ^_^
02 years agocamui_ayumicamui_ayumi
WindsorSeven*prays for double Renji*
Lol gum..

heheheh me too XD love renji *o*

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