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Queen's Gate - The King of Fighters - Shiranui M...Queen's Gate - The King of Fighters - Shiranui Mai - Moekore Plus SP1 - 1/8 - Queen's Gate 2P...


Queen's Gate - The King of Fighters - Shiranui Mai - Moekore Plus SP1 - 1/8 - Queen's Gate 2P Color, Volks ver. (Volks)



  • Exclusive
    ¥8,000 convert into USD
Volks online & retail store, and Hobby Round event exclusive



© Volks / Chorosuke

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011 months agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
Want her so much :(
01 year agogumonshoegumonshoe
just got her...i would upload but i've been banned for uploading too many official least that's what i assume, nobody really told me the reason, happened without warning.

she looks quite nice imo. i am partial to volks.

terramishu (1 year ago) #1685911For the 24 owners out there, any pictures for us? ^^;;
01 year agoterramishuterramishu nyan?
For the 24 owners out there, any pictures for us? ^^;;
02 years agoiTheShirtiTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
Are their any photos of her? I would love to see some up close.
02 years ago (2 years ago)ForeverzeroForeverzero
Arrived today. Just an amazing figure, the blue really suits her
04 years ago (2 years ago)aesculapiusaesculapius
Looking to sell mine with the book. PM for details.Sold
05 years agofiwasakifiwasaki
Finally got her for a decent price! (With the book, of course.)

Definitely a beauty, but very overpriced lately. It's a rare item, after all...
05 years agoInnskipInnskip
The figure is a MUST HAVE, great detalization, paition and sculpture, much better than on any photos, the best thing she doesn't need her black base, her dress supports her, she doesnt have any holes in toes. I could have imagined that i would like her so much.
05 years agoInnskipInnskip
I think manufacturer should be fixed.
So i guess should look like:
Manufacturer: Volks
Series: M.O.E. (or M.O.E. Kore Plus) not sure about Kore.
Everything under M.O.E. (M.O.E. Burning, Moe collect Plus, Moe collect Plus buddy) are completed PVC figure.
A-brand - GK's, somebody must have filled it because:
Sculpted ちょろすけ (a-brand) Yosuke preface (a-brand)
(ext link)
05 years agoDakkuDakku
Blue version here is certainly the best version..

Dam exclusives...

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