Yuru Yuri - Mirakurun - 1/7 (Alter)Yuru Yuri - Mirakurun - 1/7 (Alter)


Yuru Yuri - Mirakurun - 1/7 (Alter)




© Alter / Tsumezuka Hiroyuki

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03 days agoReltairReltair
Last one left at Figure Haven:
(ext link)
04 days agoMassamancurryMassamancurry
Very nice looking in person, she seems steady out of the box. Hopefully there's a metal rod in the leg.
012 days agoMassamancurryMassamancurry
2k for opened (no defects). Hopefully she isn't a leaner, but at that price I'm willing to chance it, it'll go well with my Akarin.
01 month agoixu_komeijiixu_komeiji
Available @ Ixu's deviance for 45€
01 month agoAnnaAnna
2k yen on Mandarake! (ext link) (...If you're willing to deal with "opened/box severely damaged/box yellowish/main figure stained/main figure scratched/inner package damaged")
02 months agomilkpayoffmilkpayoff
my favorite figure!
03 months ago (1 month ago)NunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
Selling! im in Australia :D
more items for sell in my profile 'About me' section
Sold! :3
03 months agobriichiibriichii
astrum (3 months ago) #1917947I'll be seeing you tonight. She will LEAN, TOMORROW.
She's not leaning for me as well :) I've had her displayed for 1-2 months now.
03 months agoastrumastrum the unnecessary guy
CraveTheOtaku (4 months ago) #1887806I dont get why everyones saying she leans, she absolutely DOES NOT lean AT ALL.

I'll be seeing you tonight. She will LEAN, TOMORROW.
04 months agoCraveTheOtakuCraveTheOtaku
NunnallyLulu (4 months ago) #1886774but the figures meant to lean! haha I'm more worried that id ruin her with my own two hands >< as I accidently scratched a leg of one of my figures trying to secure it on its base once.. I mean no one else would really notice and its small and the paints still there but..

I dont get why everyones saying she leans, she absolutely DOES NOT lean AT ALL.

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