Vocaloid - Gumi (Exit Tunes)Vocaloid - Gumi (Exit Tunes)


Vocaloid - Gumi (Exit Tunes)




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04 months agosekkekerssekkekers
another abandoned project? ;_;
06 months agoAmazingKawaguchiAmazingKawaguchi
3 years and nothing happen <(") so sad :'(
01 year agoFrysteFryste
Still waiting...
01 year agothemagicrobshowthemagicrobshow
So... much... WANT!!
02 years agoneLneL killed Tomoe's wallet
I'm pretty sure we'll never see her;;
02 years agosillyker0niansillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Was sort of interested, not anymore.
22 years agoPoyanyoPoyanyo
We need moar Gumi figures! :C
02 years agoIshokuOseroIshokuOsero
Wonder when they'll finally put her up for pre-order... I'm waiiiitinnnnggggg. >=[
02 years agoKaibaLifeKaibaLife
puccapardini (2 years ago) #1165261Is this one? (ext link)
No, I think that's this: item #94826
02 years agopuccapardinipuccapardini
Is this one? (ext link)

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