Vocaloid - Gumi (Exit Tunes)Vocaloid - Gumi (Exit Tunes)


Vocaloid - Gumi (Exit Tunes)




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01 month agoAmazingKawaguchiAmazingKawaguchi
3 years and nothing happen <(") so sad :'(
010 months agoFrysteFryste
Still waiting...
01 year agothemagicrobshowthemagicrobshow
So... much... WANT!!
01 year agoneLneL actual crystal gem
I'm pretty sure we'll never see her;;
02 years agosillyker0niansillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Was sort of interested, not anymore.
22 years agoPoyanyoPoyanyo
We need moar Gumi figures! :C
02 years agoIshokuOseroIshokuOsero
Wonder when they'll finally put her up for pre-order... I'm waiiiitinnnnggggg. >=[
02 years agoKaibaLifeKaibaLife
puccapardini (2 years ago) #1165261Is this one? (ext link)
No, I think that's this: item #94826
02 years agopuccapardinipuccapardini
Is this one? (ext link)
02 years ago (2 years ago)KaneelKaneel
Did anyone found some news about her, couldn't found her on pictures of the summer wonfes and no news from exit tunes.
Did she vanished into oblivion?

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