The Seven Deadly Sins - Asmodeus - 1/8 (Hobby Ja...The Seven Deadly Sins - Asmodeus - 1/8 (Hobby Japan, Orchid Seed)


The Seven Deadly Sins - Asmodeus - 1/8 (Hobby Japan, Orchid Seed)



  • Limited + Exclusive
    MegaHobby Expo 20...
    ¥10,185 convert into USD
  • Exclusive
    ¥9,333 convert into USD
Hobby Japan exclusive.
Order period: 25/5/2012 ~ 10/7/2012
Limited Edition is ¥10,800 and includes a tissue box cover.
Pedestal is 85mm.



© Hobby Japan / Orchid Seed / Ishiyama Satoshi / Nishii

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027 days ago (23 days ago)ImDandyBabyImDandyBaby
Possibly the cheapest she's ever been (ext link)
01 month agoHobbyCentricHobbyCentric
Just received mine from AmiAmi. I took a chance on a "C" condition figure ( stains on waist chain ) and did just fine. Turns out the chain has just a little rust on it and that can be handled fairly easily with a bit of careful treatment. The extra surprise though is that it is the limited edition with the tissue box cover ( was wondering what in the heck it was.... ). AmiAmi did not list it as such on their site.

She is a beautiful little figure.
01 month agonoedelnoedel
Selling her and the other Sins in one package (Europe) :) . All are the original colour schemes and the exclusives apart from Lucifer which didn't had one.
Only Leviathan has been displayed for a short while.
03 months agoRathionRathion
sale #79909

Selling mine with rusty chain for $120 shipped or best offer to US48.
03 months ago (2 months ago)xYellowxYellow
Selling her for $130.
That doesn't include shipping.
Please PM me if interested.
I'm also selling all of the other Sins, so if you want to bundle, I can cut you a deal!

03 months ago (1 month ago)ElixirElixir
Selling for $130 sale #65266
04 months ago (4 months ago)ImDandyBabyImDandyBaby
She's being sold @ AX for $95 just to let you guys know
04 months ago (4 months ago)lastdeathknightlastdeathknight
Selling mine brand new. Listed here. Also on ebay. (ext link)
05 months agoTHE_ENDTHE_END
Selling the entire set (or some of them). PM
07 months ago (5 months ago)BlackUsagi2013BlackUsagi2013
PM if selling. US seller & USD preferred.
Looking for set also.

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