The Seven Deadly Sins - Asmodeus - 1/8 (Hobby Ja...The Seven Deadly Sins - Asmodeus - 1/8 (Hobby Japan, Orchid Seed)


The Seven Deadly Sins - Asmodeus - 1/8 (Hobby Japan, Orchid Seed)



Hobby Japan exclusive.
Order period: 25/5/2012 ~ 10/7/2012
Limited Edition is ¥10,800 and includes a tissue box cover.
Pedestal is 85mm.



© Hobby Japan / Orchid Seed / Ishiyama Satoshi / Nishii

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01 month ago (1 month ago)ElixirElixir
Selling mine for $170 sale #65266

Also selling most of my collection, see my profile for more info.
01 month agoWhatTheXDWhatTheXD
Selling her brand new on eBay. Here's a link to my ad along with a more detailed description.

(ext link)

I can give a slight discount if we deal through MFC, so feel free to message me!
01 month agoWhatTheXDWhatTheXD
ShadeShade (1 month ago) #2582833anyone know what holds her top and corset on? they seem to just magically sit in place on all the reviews I've seen and I am curious

It looks like just one piece, but it's actually two pieces that snap together on the front and back of her body.
01 month agogumonshoegumonshoe
01 month ago (1 month ago)redxmaverickredxmaverick
Amiami 10,780 Yen C/B Discoloration chain at waist. I'm assuming they mean the chain is rusted which is common. (ext link)

It's a good price.
01 month agoShadeShadeShadeShade
anyone know what holds her top and corset on? they seem to just magically sit in place on all the reviews I've seen and I am curious
01 month agom00dym00dy
Selling mine used, including the bonus which is unused. Her chain has been removed because of the rust issue. Her tail falls out real easily. Would like $150 unshipped. Selling most of my collection, so check out my sales list :)
02 months agoXKatanaXKatana
20,000 yen mandarake (ext link)
22 months agoxYellowxYellow
LancerMR (3 months ago) #2484848There seems to be a common problem with her chain, either discoloration or rust.
Does any one have this issue?
Also, I see her appear on AmiAmi pre-owned a lot with this issue, has anyone here bought one with this issue and is it fixable?

My chain had rust on it when I bought it, and that at least is fixable. Soak just the chain in jewellery cleaner or a clear soda for an hour, then gently wipe the rust off. You might need to use a toothpick or something to get into the small bits. Then just lightly coat it with clear nail polish and let it dry. That's what I did when I got mine, and it's never re-rusted or discolored the figure itself.
02 months agoGrizzlyXGrizzlyX
Selling mine, it's brand new. I'm also selling most of my collection. If you're interested in any other figure I have feel free to PM me.

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