The Seven Deadly Sins - Belphegor - 1/8 (Amakuni...The Seven Deadly Sins - Belphegor - 1/8 (Amakuni, Hobby Japan)


The Seven Deadly Sins - Belphegor - 1/8 (Amakuni, Hobby Japan)



Order period: 2014/1/25 ~ 2014/3/10
Limited Edition is ¥12,852 and includes a cushion cover.
Pedestal is 85mm.



© Amakuni / Hobby Japan / Mazaki Yuusuke / Nishii

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05 hours agoC0ll3ct0RC0ll3ct0R
SunChild (29 days ago) #2475050Sell someone the pillowcase? Then please contact me. :-)You mean you're selling or you want it? I have a case
011 days agoKajumaO2KajumaO2
Would prefer if orchidseed have made her.....instead of Amakuni
016 days ago (16 days ago)darkshotdarkshot
Still have her for sale. Brand new in box. $125 plus shipping. PM me if interested.
020 days agoFiokuFioku
reduced: (ext link)
022 days agoXKatanaXKatana
Mandarake 15,000 yen - (ext link)
024 days agonegativezeronegativezero
Got mine today after missing first delivery attempt. Seems like fedex tossed the box in a bathtub full of water, shipping box would barely stay together. Figure box was spared except for a little water damage to one corner. Happy shes home.
024 days agonoedelnoedel
I'm looking to sell the entire set I have so far (see my collection), preferably in one set. They're all exclusives (the ones with the extra stuff; tissue box cover, handkerchief & cushion cover) except for Lucifer which didn't have one. Contact me if you're interested :)
024 days ago (24 days ago)AltayrlAltayrl
Finally arrived today, R-SAL took two months exactly -_-. I thought the package would be all beaten up, luckily it just had small dents here and there, the figure box itself was in mint condition.

As for Belphegor, the shirt closes really well, except for a small gap on her right arm. She's looks amazing on that demonic snot, I like her more than I thought! xD

The top plate of the pedestal gave me a little headache, though. The thing just didn't want to go in. I had to push the edges inside so it could fit, I'm a little worried about if it could snap later on. Also, she's my first sin, so... you never realize how big the pedestal is until you see one... that thing is massive!

One down, six to go!
129 days agoSunChildSunChild
Sell someone the pillowcase? Then please contact me. :-)
01 month agonitromobnitromob
R_Dorothy (1 month ago) #2471087I suddenly have some very pricey figures getting delayed until next month, so I have a super cheap order now with room for one more figure. Would you say that she's worth around $140? I really like this one, but I've held off on getting any of these girls due to the cast off issues.

She's cute as heck. The only thing i'm not crazy about is her blob. Her cast off is ok but makes her shirt a bit weird. I still find her pretty great.

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