Black ★ Rock Shooter - The Game - PSP Game - Whi...Black ★ Rock Shooter - The Game - PSP Game - White Premium Box - Limited Edition (Imageepoch)



CERO B. Includes game, deluxe box illustrated by huke, White ★ Rock Shooter figma, artbook, and limited soundtrack.



© Imageepoch / Huke

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03 months ago (27 days ago)AzukayAzukay
Selling full bundled box. Box, game, figma, and CD. $90+shipping.
010 months agomaterix01materix01 Lv. 10 Dictator
Selling the artbook/CD combo only as well. PM if interested.
01 year agoMySmileMySmile
Selling mine w/ game/artbook/figure! PM me with offers. Never displayed or played game. (Lost my PSP ;~;)
01 year ago (1 year ago)MaakieMaakie
I'm selling the artbook/CD combo only! Neatly kept in the plastic, please PM me if you're interested! I'm also up for trades, on my profile you can find a list of the characters and series that I like! ^^ Sold!
01 year agotanakatanaka
Expensive set
02 years agoangardiaangardia
selling the game+art book+ soundtrack (figma isnt included)
everything is mint. can sell it with the box itself.
03 years agoNuageNuage
I am selling mine. Visit my profile for more information.
03 years agotakenyakatakenyaka Lunar Kaworu
selling artbook only. mint condition, never opened. PM if interested.
03 years agoneptunecadetneptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~
I'm selling the artbook/soundtrack! PM me if interested!
03 years agodaisukeidaisukei
Buying the Artbook Soundtrack for LESS than 15$ US shipped to UK

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