Black ★ Rock Shooter - The Game - PSP Game - Whi...Black ★ Rock Shooter - The Game - PSP Game - White Premium Box - Limited Edition (Imageepoch)


Black ★ Rock Shooter - The Game - PSP Game - White Premium Box - Limited Edition (Imageepoch)



CERO B. Includes game, deluxe box illustrated by huke, White ★ Rock Shooter figma, artbook, and limited soundtrack.



© Imageepoch / Huke

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04 months agoMySmileMySmile
Selling mine w/ game/artbook/figure! PM me with offers. Never displayed or played game. (Lost my PSP ;~;)
08 months ago (7 months ago)MaakieMaakie
I'm selling the artbook/CD combo only! Neatly kept in the plastic, please PM me if you're interested! I'm also up for trades, on my profile you can find a list of the characters and series that I like! ^^ Sold!
08 months agotanakatanaka
Expensive set
01 year agoangardiaangardia
selling the game+art book+ soundtrack (figma isnt included)
everything is mint. can sell it with the box itself.
02 years agoNuageNuage
I am selling mine. Visit my profile for more information.
02 years agotakenyakatakenyaka Lunar Kaworu
selling artbook only. mint condition, never opened. PM if interested.
02 years agoneptunecadetneptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~
I'm selling the artbook/soundtrack! PM me if interested!
02 years agodaisukeidaisukei
Buying the Artbook Soundtrack for LESS than 15$ US shipped to UK
02 years agodarkchaos125darkchaos125
Hell ya i own this prem box baby! <333 Need to get the freaking OST CD tho cuz i want to show my support >.>

Shinigami: LOL at the marion moe XD tho i dont rly know what happened in that situation >.>;;;

The game is so freaking Easy to figure out, and worth the dying to find out best strategies/skills to use in diff stage missions.

I bought this game for 75 USD on plamoya (was lucky they kept going sold out and then 'in stock' while lowering price.) and I prefer this game over Kingdom Heart's fighting /gameplay (story line is a diff issue) anyday
02 years agoKakashi-tanKakashi-tan
influence82 (2 years ago) #1058961I opened it and it exceeded my expectations. WRS is so fun to pose and play. The artwork and CD are impressive too. As long as you can afford it, it is totally worth the money. my only gripe is the connection with the wing and backpack is a little loose and can fall out if gravity pulls it right.

Yeah, I experienced the same thing. Only a small movement and she will fall down from the arm that holds her up. I picked up this box today at the local office and been filming a bit :P

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