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Ikki Tousen - Ryomou Shimei - 1/6 (Yamato)Ikki Tousen - Ryomou Shimei - 1/6 (Yamato)



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© Yamato / Yoshizawa Mitsumasa

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03 years agoKingsleyKunKingsleyKun
I've been thinking about altering mine so that she has legs instead of that ridiculous base. I was wondering if anyone else has gone ahead and done that or at least considered it.
04 years agofrostgibbonfrostgibbon
i remember getting this for 11 dollars and was shocked when i saw a huge ass box
05 years agotsubasacattsubasacat
This comes with optional cat ears and a tail, but they must be glued in place.

I ended up displaying mine with the cat ears.
06 years agoOeKintarouGOeKintarouG
REFLECT (Yoshizawa) sculpted this, of course. But, isn't it based off of a Yamashita Shunya illustration?
06 years ago (6 years ago)SergeantBooduceSergeantBooduce
Part of me wonders why on earth they didn't just sculpt the rest of her legs. It's too little to be a complete figure and too much to be a bust.

But I love what they actually did sculpt. She's pretty beautiful. >w>
07 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
The photoshopped base in the promo pics always make me lol whenever I see it xD;;
07 years ago (7 years ago)mememomememo Sale Hunter
Yes this is the one but you can get her with a different base here is the link [ext link ]
07 years agoyakumoyakumo You said Nendo?
yep I think its that one
07 years agojintoojintoo Where is my mind?
it is this one :
[ext link ]
I'm searching for pics on Yamato's website.
08 years agomememomememo Sale Hunter
I just got my ryomou and i love the way she is licking her lips did not notice this in any of the pics of her


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