Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Tomoe Mami - Cake T...Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Tomoe Mami - Cake Topper (Bandai)



  • Limited + Exclusive
    ¥5,600 convert into USD
  • Limited + Exclusive
    ¥5,600 convert into USD
Premium Bandai exclusive.
Comes with cake.



© Aniplex / Bandai / Shaft

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02 months agomichitarirumichitariru
If anyone is selling this (with or without the bundled Madoka) or knows someone selling it please PM me, I'm extremely interested in buying! ^^
111 months agoRollRoll in Zero Escape hell
Considering selling mine (comes with Madoka + the box)! Hit me up if you're interested.
04 years ago (4 years ago)CrystalDefenderCrystalDefender
I think I found this on Mandarake and I purchased it pretty recently.
However it was 2000 yen and the picture was of the box instead of the cake topper. I'm praying it has both Madokaand Mami in it... >:
04 years agoSierraNHaynesSierraNHaynes
[ext link ]

Up on Yahoo!Japan Auctions. Starting bid 3000 yen and autobuy at 5000 yen.

I would get it, but no monies for that lovely Mami for my cakes TT_TT
04 years agoAnimeChibi101AnimeChibi101
This figure is so cute!
They don't send you a cake now with it do they?
05 years agoFishcaek-ChanFishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
UGH, the cake purchase would be totally worth it to get the adorable little Mami topper!!;U;
*le sob*
05 years agoSierraNHaynesSierraNHaynes
OhnoRaptorsThese bandai cakes are only sold through their online system, or at their little bakery.

Oh really? Sadness ;~;

@AnnieAzura- Yep, I would think it would, probably wouldn't be any good by the time it got through neither XD;
05 years agoAnnieAzuraAnnieAzura
SierraNHaynesAmiAmi might have it up possibly. They've sold candy and bread with toys before, and I think they did Evangelion cake figures in the past*not 100% sure, but I think they did* So the possibility of them doing these wouldn't be completely in the left field OuO they send u a cake in the mail....? wouldnt that damage the cake?
05 years agoOhnoRaptorsOhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
These bandai cakes are only sold through their online system, or at their little bakery.

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