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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Ultimate Madoka - 1...Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Ultimate Madoka - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)



330mm full height, 250mm to head.
Includes a code for Madoka Magica Online.

GSC Online Store Information
Made to Order.
Orders can be placed between 8th June 2012 until 1st August 2012.
Preorder Bonus: B3 Size Ultimate Madoka Original Poster.



© Aniplex / Good Smile Company / Shaft / Hiroshi (Sakurazensen)

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012 days ago (5 days ago)kittymckkittymck
Also selling a displayed one for £90 (would need to calculate shipping). Send a PM for pictures and info.
012 days agokankurokankuro
15980 JPY A/B on amiami [ext link ]
013 days agoDanteMagicaDanteMagica
Check out our list of the worst figure bootlegs to see where the infamous madoka knockoff landed.
019 days agoeizveizv
FandomTrash (19 days ago) #13938731Does anyone know how much shipping was for her on AmiAmi to North America? I don't think she's RSAL-able, right? Thanks.
It's around 5k yen for EMS. She is really big so RSAL is not an option.
019 days agoFandomTrashFandomTrash
Does anyone know how much shipping was for her on AmiAmi to North America? I don't think she's RSAL-able, right? Thanks.
019 days agowolfgenzwolfgenz
12,780 JPY B/B [ext link ]
020 days ago (15 days ago)minatotakuminatotaku
Selling her from Australia for $152 USD + shipping. She was on display for a short while away from smoke, pets and sunlight, otherwise she was in her box. They are both in excellent condition. I am also selling most of my collection (mfc link) so combined shipping is available.
PM for details ^^
120 days agoTomoeTomoe neL killed my wallet
I noticed that the bow with the large display effect is the one that breaks really easily. I couldn't find anybody to sell me a replacement bow so I just bought some light brown putty from Michaels / JoAnns for around $3 USD, it was around the same shade as the bow. I used that to hold the bow together in Madoka's hand and it's still holding up fine. If you ever decide that you want it off you can easily clean it by using a cotton swab to wipe down Madoka's hand as well.
023 days agonipponstationnipponstation
Selling mine in brand new condition! Free shipping within USA. Please PM if you are interested! :D

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