Biohazard 2 - Plant 43 - Video Game Super Stars ...Biohazard 2 - Plant 43 - Video Game Super Stars (Toybiz)



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07 months agoChepicusChepicus
The Toy Biz Resident Evil action figure series. What can we say, those came out about late 90's early 2000's. Not exactly the best RE series (TV Tropes have them listed in the Too Bad It's Horrible page). The only redeemable feature were the zombies. I add them to my list, but not among the list of collected anime stuff, mainly because they're not an actual Japanese product.

Among the monster figures from these series, I find this one pretty good: big, disgusting and creepy, as a real Plant 43 should be. Sadly, the action button doesn't make it open its mouth wide enough to apreciate it.


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