Tales of Xillia - Milla Maxwell - 1/8 (Alter)Tales of Xillia - Milla Maxwell - 1/8 (Alter)

28 months agoNepgearNepgear
08 months agogloomyprincegloomyprince
OH MAN I just added her to my figinstock this morning and while I was using my email account to IM some people I saw an alert from figinstock and managed snagged her B/B off amiami preowned for 6,240 yen! I'm so happy with my purchase ;___;
08 months agoHomuHomu
Another one on Mandarake for 7k (opened): (ext link)
38 months agoNepgearNepgear
I don't really like spending much money anymore... but I had to get her off Manda. 8000 yen is nothing for Lady Maxwell.
08 months agoalazif03alazif03
Manda, 7k, inner package unopened: (ext link)
18 months agoLeinhartLeinhart
do you still have this fugure?
does the price include shipping?
09 months agoalazif03alazif03
Manda, resealed, 8k: (ext link)
09 months agoSztikeSztike
amiami B+/B 7020 JPY (ext link)
09 months agoChomiechanChomiechan
selling her 50€ excluding shipping perfect state (might be dusty been out for display) pm .
09 months agocrystalraincrystalrain
7,000Yen Manda (ext link)
09 months agotwistofatetwistofate
CastilloMX (10 months ago) #2167546Selling for 75 including shipping in the US
Also selling a few other figures of my collection.

Hi i am interested in this figure if it's still available. Is it new in box or has it been opened?
09 months ago (9 months ago)crystalraincrystalrain
¥ 10,360 (ext link)
09 months ago (9 months ago)cutieepinkyycutieepinkyy
(ext link)

Amiami A/B 7,780

(ext link)

B/B 6,240
010 months agocrystalraincrystalrain
got her today - she's lovely and perfect *o*
010 months agosougen24sougen24
opened/box damage 7000 (ext link)
011 months ago (11 months ago)ChristownChristown
A/B 7,780 (ext link)
011 months agoItikioItikio
Selling her! PM if interested!
01 year ago (11 months ago)Northen_LightsNorthen_Lights
Mandarake 8,000yen
(ext link)
01 year agoAnimeDubsAnimeDubs
With that left side of her skirt that shows her skin, someone could easily make her custom cast off.
01 year ago (1 year ago)dog10170dog10170

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