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These are figures, trading items, goods, games and media that ---- I'm really not sure I want. I mean, they look nice and I'm interested. But, there's something that's not making me actually pursue it really. It might be that they're so hard to find I don't want to pursue it, there are confirmed production problems in the final product, the face isn't quite right, I don't know the series or fell out of love with it, etc etc. There's just so many reasons that they're on this list.

Unfortunately, I'm probably never going to get these things. ever.


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05 years agoNeko_OniNeko_Oni
As far as ebay is concerned, there are a number of reputable sellers on there...but you have to look for them. I've gotten the majority of my figures via ebay and I can say with pride that I've yet to have had the misfortune of unknowingly picking up a bootleg. A lot of comes down to common sense: if a price is too good to be true, it is. I also check out feedback as is a seller has sold boots in the past, more likely than not they've been outed on there for such.
05 years agosillyker0niansillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
http://gi60.photobucket.com/groups/h6/AF6G8PDQZB/Onigiri.gif ::ATTENTION:: This list has been drastically changed from it's original purpose. It used to be my 'most wanted' items from all three categories, however, I changed it so that only the items in my wished section are my most wanted. This list is now to have everything else I want, but, it's not a top priority or most wanted and so it remains here - outside of my main collection list(s). It also has everything I have wished for from my first day here to now except for the ones in the wished section. I will eventually get these, someday, but the ones in the wished list I shall be getting first for different reasons. Thanks for understanding and have a nice day!
06 years agosillyker0niansillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
TziYou can find a few on ebay.
The first Vocaloid is around $150, the second is around $110.
Check after them there, but be aware of chinese sh.ts...

Unfortunately, and I am SO SORRY about this, but - I do not trust E-bay whatsoever. I will never be buying from it unless it's a 'good' then I will think about it. But, with figures, I stay away from E-bay at all costs.

So, if you have anymore suggestions as where I can find them, then don't hesitate to tell me. Thank you ♥
06 years agoTziTzi
You can find a few on ebay.
The first Vocaloid is around $150, the second is around $110.
Check after them there, but be aware of chinese sh.ts...

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