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01 year agoFabienneFabienne
S1257 (1 year ago) #1859769What's that one her face?a paper sticker, cause she's eating books
01 year ago (1 year ago)S1257S1257
What's that on her face?
01 year agoiTheShirtiTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
LOL She's still cute even if she just... She's still cute. <3
01 year agokemandokemando
is it wrong that all I can see that as is seamen...? LOL
02 years agoSamtheRavenSamtheRaven
too cute
04 years agoMastraCustomMastraCustom
This is one of my favorites ^^
04 years agocioudrunnerfiutecioudrunnerfiute Found Holy Grail & Quit
"Yummy!" :D



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