figma max_factory bakemonogatari hachikuji_mayoi asai_(apsy)_masakifigma max_factory bakemonogatari hachikuji_mayoi asai_(apsy)_masaki
#FeelingCrafty mode once again when I took this shot last night!
See more of my behind the scenes shots at my figure blog here: [ext link ]

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02 years agoArekusuArekusu
Incredibly cute!!! (*≧▽≦)
12 years agoPrettybarfPrettybarf
miyuuli (2 years ago) #2794129pomf =3 I will end you
42 years agomiyuulimiyuuli Mia
pomf =3
02 years agodarkviruzzzdarkviruzzz
I wanna take a nap nowww
02 years agoscabbotscabbot
Nice shot -- but your link is truncated, missing the dot-html:
[ext link ]
02 years agoastarte952astarte952
wow! well done!
02 years agoShimakaze69Shimakaze69
This is awesome. Now all you need is Erorogi... I mean Araragai creeping out from under the bed hahaha. <3 Mayoi
02 years agoSkullFirekills7SkullFirekills7
02 years agopinkcheekspinkcheeks
alibalbal (2 years ago) #2793108Hachikuji's room huh.. we've never seen it so this is what it's going to look like whenever i drea- i mean just happen to think about it.. ^^ Kidding, nice job. it looks so real, especially the "sunlight".

Yes! This setup is very easy to do! Check out the link on the description to see more of my setups :D
02 years agopinkcheekspinkcheeks
Yuinna (2 years ago) #2793027Love this. The setup is great, the scene fits very well with the character;'s interactions, the light is warm and gorgeous, and it's just a really great picture. Very nice job. (:

Thank you! I'm glad you like it love! :D

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