digimon_adventure_02 bandai digimon_adventure d-arts wargreymon black_wargreymondigimon_adventure_02 bandai digimon_adventure d-arts wargreymon black_wargreymon

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05 years agokidkaitokidkaito
brilliant *__*
06 years agoIjustdidIjustdid
I remember as a kid when I saw these 2 clash in one ep of searies 2 and I was hyper for the rest of the week just seeing them 2 and it endded with both of them doing Terra force/Terra destroyer :) are good times

I bet this is really pricy but it is awesome and I love it I hope one day I own that Wargraymon
Please forgive the spelling
06 years agoTheRockTheRock

where can I buy him!!!
O.o !!!
06 years agoIpManIpMan
itd be epic if bkwargreymon comes with this terra force...
06 years agoIpManIpMan
awesome *_*

legendary clash of the warriors *_*



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