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    Dec 07, 2016

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I reaaaly like this figure even though shes a prize figure. She has her flaws but i corrected a few things an edited a background :D


You could've fooled me.
That Elsa looks like the real thing to me ;3
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Gokanma (8 months ago) #16647916What does 'prize' figure mean?

Normally they are prizes in those claw maschines , they are cheap and the quality is not that great. But you can purchase them pretty cheap in some shops :)
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What does 'prize' figure mean?
8 months ago0ptReport
Gorgeous shot and editing. :D
8 months ago0ptReport
Wow this looks great! The editing is awesome :D
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8 months ago0ptReport
Are you sure this is a figure and not promo art for Frozen <:o
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Nice picture, she looks amazing :o
8 months ago0ptReport
I don't know if it's because of your edit, but she does not look like a prize figure to me. She looks like a high-quality figure. Good job, sir.
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Ich finde es wunderschön <3
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