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"The power we are dealing with here... is immeasurable."
- Director Orson Krennic

Trooper-san watching Rogue One, while on break in building his Star Destroyer model.

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05 months agoLujeiLujei
Amazing >w<
06 months agoAmericoGNAmericoGN
Enjoy the movie.
06 months agoCriscokidCriscokid
Wow! Well done!
06 months agoKalasRavenKalasRaven
Rogue One was just ok... This picture is awesome. :3
06 months agoHitokiri_AceHitokiri_Ace
Clever. :) I like it.
06 months agodymitrdymitr
06 months agoanimeblvdanimeblvd
so sick! love it!
06 months agoAorioAorio
congrats dear <3
26 months agoalphaprotoalphaproto
while we're on the topic of star wars, i must say that rogue one is awesome!!!!
06 months agoastarte952astarte952
that is awesome.

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