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    Jan 10, 2017


ptitange23 (7 months ago) #17444892looool x) So fun !!!
Hehehe~ Glad you enjoyed it! XD
7 months ago0ptReport
GiantNeko (7 months ago) #17439449For a second I thought he was pulling off an A. U. O. Cast Off...
Hahaha! Now that would be fun~ (๑ゝڡ◕๑) But now that you mentioned it, I realised I forgot about his red tattoos (;^◇^;)ゝ
7 months ago0ptReport
Kashy (7 months ago) #17438088So he won the Holy Grail.
Yes! The only way he's getting those girls is to win the holy grail~ XP
7 months ago0ptReport
Raidriar (7 months ago) #17435821Adorably awesome.
Thank you! Much appreciated! :)
7 months ago0ptReport
kidkaito (7 months ago) #17433280Nice idea ;3
Thank you! Glad you like it! :)
7 months ago0ptReport
Lehst (7 months ago) #17431609I just noticed he's swimming money...
...and "the honeys".

Haha! Never too late to realise~ XD
7 months ago0ptReport
kanzenmuketsu (7 months ago) #17428864He who has the monies bangs the honeys.
Pretty much sums up Gilgamesh (๑ॢ˃̶͈̀ ꇴ ˂̶͈́๑ॢ) л̵ʱªʱªʱª
7 months ago1ptReport
SaitoHiraga (7 months ago) #17427789mwuhahaha!
7 months ago1ptReport
Euclipse (7 months ago) #17426944yeyyyy got POTD~ xD
Teehee~ This is so awesomeee!! XP <333
7 months ago0ptReport
EspadaEnchiladas (7 months ago) #17424664Love this so much!!
Thank you! Glad you love it~ :)
7 months ago0ptReport
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