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“Fax Caelestis!”

Sunlight of spring, Dancing of flowers, The fragrant winds of June brush against your cheeks, Blessing beyond the stars. Open, Nuptiae Domus Aurea! Sing, Fax Caelestis!

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MFC awesomeinfigure

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03 months agoawesomeinfigureawesomeinfigure
Thank you! (: I love the FATE series! Tracer (3 months ago) #18579589Dayum! That's nice!
03 months agoTracerTracer
Dayum! That's nice!
04 months agoawesomeinfigureawesomeinfigure
(: TY Konislove (4 months ago) #18497977(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
04 months agoKonisloveKonislove
04 months agoawesomeinfigureawesomeinfigure
Thank you so much (: ! astarte952 (4 months ago) #18475430wow! this is awesome.
04 months agoastarte952astarte952
wow! this is awesome.
04 months agoawesomeinfigureawesomeinfigure
Thank you so much! Always apprecite your comment (: Almina (4 months ago) #18464780Congrats on POD! :3
04 months agoAlminaAlmina
Congrats on POD! :3
04 months agoawesomeinfigureawesomeinfigure
Thanks so much!! (: Maknaelulu (4 months ago) #18456051love this photo :)
04 months agoMaknaeluluMaknaelulu
love this photo :)

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