kotobukiya shiro kadokawa kojima_shou kamiya_yuu no_game_no_lifekotobukiya shiro kadokawa kojima_shou kamiya_yuu no_game_no_life
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Comments (10)

014 days agoBheyarBheyar
shiro looks stunning ^-^
018 days agoLujeiLujei
The athmosphere of the picture is stunning! Nice Job
019 days agoLouWLouW
024 days agoastarte952astarte952
025 days agoCriscokidCriscokid
025 days agorozellerozelle
I love this! Wonderful photo ♡
025 days agoMaoMao
I love what you did with the lights! Amazing job!
025 days agomangasus90mangasus90
wow, very nice photo! :D
I like the way you use the light! :D
026 days agoTracerTracer
Awesome! Love Shiro <3
026 days agoSythellriSythellri the Phoenix
This is amazing! I'm a bit sad that she isn't playing with the pawn though since humans are represented by that. I forgot who was the bishop. Flugel?



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