nishigori_atsushi the_idolmaster_(tv_animation) mazaki_yuusuke phat_company hagiwara_yukihonishigori_atsushi the_idolmaster_(tv_animation) mazaki_yuusuke phat_company hagiwara_yukiho

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02 months agoLujeiLujei
Woah~ Feels like Summer ♥
Awesome Pic ^^
03 months agohinagikuhinagiku
FoolyDooly (3 months ago) #18952825Oh my God, why would you let saltwater near her D:

^^ that my idea
23 months agoFoolyDoolyFoolyDooly
Oh my God, why would you let saltwater near her D:
03 months agohinagikuhinagiku
thank you thank you ^^
13 months agoptitange23ptitange23
Wooooow !!!!! Awesome pic !!!!! *_* <3<3<3<3
13 months agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
GLORIOUS picture!
13 months agousshipusship
i love it
13 months agoastarte952astarte952
03 months agohinagikuhinagiku
thanks all ^^
13 months agoKuraShikiKuraShiki

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