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Spring will be here soon.
Spring, the season I met you, is coming.

A Spring without you…is coming.

Greenwich Park, London
Post-editing credit to juerte

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01 month agomoimoisannamoimoisanna
so pretty
02 months agolotuslotus
What a lovely picture, definitely brings me back to when I was watching/reading this! <3
02 months agoLujeiLujei
Its so beautifull!!!!
02 months agoheekyunggx3heekyunggx3 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
02 months agoptitange23ptitange23
This is so beautiful and well done !!!!
02 months agoDribzDribz
Aurora08 (2 months ago) #19853988I really cried with this anime. And this is the figure I most loved which is I don't have.
I will buy this one too❤️ do you guys sell this with a cheaper price like new, no defects?
please pm me if you have.

Go to her figure page tagged on the right and look at the sales listed there (also on the right side of her page). Be sure not to solicit sales on someone's photo.
02 months agoDribzDribz
My heart. This is gorgeous. <3
02 months agoAngeloteDXAngeloteDX
pmap93 (2 months ago) #19866207Whoa, nice picture, what anime is she from?

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, such a beautiful masterpiece, hope you enjoy it.

And BTW, the picture is awesome, keep up the good work. ;-)
02 months agopmap93pmap93
Whoa, nice picture, what anime is she from?
02 months agoastarte952astarte952
well done!

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