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129 days agoNagisa_MomoeNagisa_Momoe
this is so pleasing to look at, your display is really well- lit!
02 months agoangelbottangelbott
Very neat~! ^o^
02 months agoQueen99Queen99
That is so cute. It's such a nice setup too. I want a nicely arranged shelf of anime stuff toooo.
02 months agoBioticGodBioticGod
So aesthetically pleasing!!!
12 months agoMabelRahbaniMabelRahbani
Omg! So neat and sooooo beautiful! Amazing collection! Congrats!!! I enjoy nendos too! Haikyuu is so cute! <3
02 months agoLullesLulles
display goals! so neatly organized~
02 months agoTibuTibu
+1 for having a Shioi :)
02 months agoM0k0cch1_13M0k0cch1_13
Collection goals, oh my lord!!
22 months agolotuslotus
What a lovely collection, and the way you displayed them makes it a treat to look at! <3
02 months agoptitange23ptitange23
Beautiful room and your collection is for meeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!! x)

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