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    May 09, 2017

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Friend A, play piano with me once and forever


She's so cute!! Ahh what a sad show... ;-;
2 months ago2ptReport
Very beautiful!
3 months ago1ptReport
Yuuri_Nikiforov (3 months ago) #20968256Soo Beautiful <3 Reminds me of the last ep TuT
Yup, i made this photo inspired final episode ;__; finally had someone noticed that XD
3 months ago3ptReport
Soo Beautiful <3 Reminds me of the last ep TuT
3 months ago1ptReport
heekyunggx3RGBlv28 Queen's Watchdog's Wife
this is so beautiful!!
3 months ago1ptReport
So amazing, an angel !!!! :'(
3 months ago1ptReport
3 months ago1ptReport
omg how cutie <3 <3 <3
3 months ago2ptReport
Tks you all for the supported and great comment ^^ have a nice day ^^
3 months ago3ptReport
your photography is so great that I wouldn't even think this was a figure but some official art or whatever
3 months ago3ptReport
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