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Myethos sent me this figure of Stardust a week early before her release, so that i got to photograph and review her early. You can read the review here below:

Review: (mfc link)

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396 days agoShourinShourin

Hey could you not take such nice photos, I don't need to buy more stuff.


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04 days agoWoodmanWoodman
She looks as good as I had hoped! I Can't wait for her to arrive!
04 days agoastarte952astarte952
this is wonderful.
04 days agoLujeiLujei
She really looks awesome :O I regret that I cancel her preorder >-<
04 days agoWanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
SerpentyleTorc (5 days ago) #24561413ooh! good idea. ill see if i can get my hands on some. thanks again
Oooh, that gear base might look good on item #191103 too. Let me know if you find any, please!
04 days agoJustSomebodyJustSomebody
This is the only figure I preordered so far from myethos and was really afraid that her face will not look like on the official pictures, since the company didn't get the face (eyes, mouth) right for past figures.

But oh my god, you cannot believe how happy I am to see that she looks as I expected her to look. Can't wait to get her in one week. This is one of the prettiest figures I have ever seen. Thanks for uploading :D
14 days ago (4 days ago)solluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
I really like the design of the base she's sitting on, so unique!
04 days agoNecroid_NekoNecroid_Neko
Jesus Christ she looks even better than the prototype!!
04 days agoptitange23ptitange23
She is a amazing beauty !!!!! *love* <3
05 days agoHeldrikHeldrik
Now that's a gorgeous figure.
85 days agoFigureGunplaFanFigureGunplaFan
Ah, the figure that is added in the database for like, five times already.

I wonder if there's a 6th time.

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