Hehee, had this random idea while working on that picture -my first ever drawing of Mio by the way. ^^

It was basically -what would her reaction be if someone walked in on her drawing a self portrait.

-also never thought that my awful looking mechanical pencil would make it into one of my photos. ^^;

Edit: The Finished drawing (colored and inked version) --> (ext link)

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01 year agoSorahimeSorahime
so cute! very pretty! >_<
02 years agoangelbottangelbott
Beautiful *o*
02 years agoEZTVEZTV
I want her just so she can hold a pen on my desk!! :)
02 years agoray-sliferray-slifer
AWWWW!!! XD SO CUTE! And awesome aketch of Mio! ;D
02 years agoInnskipInnskip
lol, cool picture, btw Mio drawn is a masterpiece!)
03 years agoUnlimitedCodesUnlimitedCodes
cool drawing!
03 years agoKura-PyonKura-Pyon
The drawing is amazing.
03 years agoKoliKoli
Kawaii XD
03 years agororonoa_zoro69roronoa_zoro69 THE GREATEST SWORDMAN
amazing draw and nice idea of self portrait =D
03 years agoL-B-SL-B-S

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