19 months after I started collecting Rei figures, I finally raised the figure count to 100. This is as of September 6, 2009.

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03 years agoMacaronTeaMacaronTea
A most glorious and impressive collection you have here! <3
04 years agokayassinekayassine
Very impressive collection! But since it is Rei, it's pretty much a never ending one, no? At least you won't run of Rei figures any time soon ;)

The new ballerina one looks cute too (ext link) :)
04 years agovhaystevhayste
Awesome collection man :D
05 years agoDiabolo-MentheDiabolo-Menthe Old-school-Goth'boy
OMG :-)))
05 years agokamadomakamadoma and Ayanami Rei
thanks guys! =D
05 years agoMilo_KetsuekiMilo_Ketsueki
Just one word... WOW ! O_o
05 years agoDoom85Doom85
Really impressive!
05 years agoCaskaLangleyCaskaLangley
A friend of mine would kill for this collection! (I'm more an Asuka type xD)
05 years agokamadomakamadoma and Ayanami Rei
thanks very much for the kind words guys! =D
05 years agoHsunamiHsunami
most impressive!

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