zettai_ryouiki figma vocaloid twintails skirt leek headphones microphone necktie detached_sleeves lingerie singing belt jacket thighhighs flaming_eye fringe midriff flat_chest weapon cyan_hair cannon bikini_top belly_button bra black_shorts black_bra bangs long_hair black_hair female blue_eyes sword boots sleeveless_shirt black_boots hatsune_miku max_factory tall_black_boots black_jacket asai_(apsy)_masaki black_★_rock_shooter
My Miku and Flame7651 BRS

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03 years agoCoryHatesNarutoCoryHatesNaruto
Yin Yang
03 years agoChibiMikuChibiMiku
i took it in same time
03 years ago (3 years ago)NebuleuseNebuleuse
Did you take pictures separately or in the same time ?
I love the "mirror effect", that's really good :)
03 years agoAshlotteAshlotte Full-time Reviewer
Wow thats quite neat. I love the duality of it!
03 years agoflame7651flame7651
<< just watch the Nebula PV
lol i dont know that it have this similar scene in the PV xD
03 years agoyukiko001yukiko001
Amazing! reminds me too about Nebula PV! XD
03 years agoChibiMikuChibiMiku
@DarkRockSlizer: i took this pict in dark room, the BG from LCD and i put some light in the back BRS
03 years agoDarkRockSlizerDarkRockSlizer
oho~ how did you take this picture? good shots like this one are really hard to pull off with so much contrast, unless you used a burst with differing iso's... and merged them...
ny' way, great shot you have there
03 years agoYokoloidYokoloid
That remind me the PV of "Nebula"



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