nendoroid saber_lion 1day1pic good_smile_company banner fate/tiger_colosseum working!! taneshima_popura nendoron proovy

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Comments (6)

010 days agoRetro8bitRetro8bit
I love this! XD
01 year agoifob8ifob8
ahahah lol cute
02 years agoShinokoShinoko
So cute! I love Saber Lion's face. ^^
03 years agohayate_kun_haremhayate_kun_harem
How do you make Saber Lion even cuter? Surround her with Popura Army.
03 years agoYourtimeYourtime
omg lol do you havethe full pic of it XD? it's great.
03 years agoIlviasIlvias adorable little doll
Awesome banner <333333



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