figma vocaloid sega nendoroid one_piece saber alter hatsune_miku max_factory enterbrain type_moon canaan good_smile_company kara_no_kyoukai nami rider tohsaka_rin hobby_japan yoshi fate/stay_night fate/hollow_ataraxia chara-ani ayanami_rei tsukihime aegis souryuu_asuka_langley ps cospa fate/tiger_colosseum shin_seiki_evangelion phat_company fate/zero nitroplus domo-kun arcueid_brunestud metis evangelion_shin_gekijouban 3d_mousepad nendoron fate/unlimited_codes numakura_toshiaki saitou_fumiki yagyuu_toshiyuki asai_(apsy)_masaki itou_reiichi oda_tsuyoshi takano_meishi fate/extra sugawara_(roughness) oono_takeo polyester shin_megami_tensei:_persona_3_fes kirijou_mitsuru adachi_akira mashiro_moritaka mazaki_yuusuke ex_resinya! nasu_kinoko fate/tiger_colosseum_upper ground_works toy2r irisviel_von_einzbern takeuchi_takashi material_book bakuman.
A big part of my Japan loot :) The hardest part was to enter all that boxes in my suitcase ^^

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Comments (4)

03 years agoClimbatizeClimbatize MFC Android app maker
DesudesHoly crap, you've got a lot of stuff from Japan.he he , this is only the visible part of the iceberg, here is the real loot ;-) (ext link)
03 years ago (3 years ago)DesudesDesudes
Holy crap, you've got a lot of stuff from Japan.

And this Rider fig is delicious, I'll get her someday.
03 years agoClimbatizeClimbatize MFC Android app maker
Rin_Asanomitsuruuuuuuuuuu :Q_________ my preferred loot ^^
03 years agoRin_AsanoRin_Asano
mitsuruuuuuuuuuu :Q_________



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