nendoroid re-ment mini_sweets phat_company takagi_akito bakuman.nendoroid re-ment mini_sweets phat_company takagi_akito bakuman.
I'm just as excited as Shujin to carve Halloween pumpkins :D

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05 years agoJofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
KlonHalloween without a photo from Jofuu is not Halloween!
hahaha I feel special now XD
05 years agoKlonKlon Solo Rei basta!
Halloween without a photo from Jofuu is not Halloween!
05 years agoJofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
thanks everyone!
@imacatlover: I'm still not sure but I found some cool patterns online that I want to try out!
05 years agoNayachiNayachi
*u* uguu
05 years agoMoun3Moun3

the best japanese facial expression !
05 years agoYourtimeYourtime
quite lovely x3
05 years agoimacatloverimacatlover
Awww! So cute >w<

What are you going to carve into your pumpkin?
05 years agoYommyYommy
i love it!! so cute
05 years agomisohappymisohappy
This is so presh, I love it!
05 years agoJofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
@drowranger: aw thank you!
@Lestter: hehe thanks! yeah it was about time. although I have to apologize for the massive grain. I didn't have my equipment with me so I had to bump the ISO a lot but I just needed to take a shot.
@Miiisha: thank you! I just love Halloween so much that I had to include my figs into it.

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