figma huke max_factory dead_master steins;gate makise_kurisu strength takanashi_yomi asai_(apsy)_masaki black_★_rock_shooter black_★_gold_saw white_★_rock_shooter

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Comments (10)

06 months agotanakatanaka
BRS 4ever!
02 years agoMoolongTeaMoolongTea
Nice :D
02 years agoWhySee0210WhySee0210
I always knew, Kurisu was BGS, LOL
03 years agoCloudStrife-xxCloudStrife-xx
rober2Mato Kuroi
He means in front of Black Gold Saw, and it looks like Steins;Gate Kurisu with a school uniform from an extra Mato or Yomi
03 years agoDucksDucks
Huke's girls <3
03 years agoHarubunnyxHarubunnyx
03 years agorober2rober2
liaartemisawhich figma is the one inf fronto of BGS?

Mato Kuroi
03 years agoItsJustAwsoItsJustAwso
Kurisutina!!! :D
03 years agowurpesswurpess GO GO DUMMY PINK!!!
Is this a game of '1 of these things is not like the other'? XD
03 years agoliaartemisaliaartemisa
which figma is the one inf fronto of BGS?



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