Ok here's some more figures.

Ah My Goddess Skuld Figure
Ah My Goddess Urd Figure
Gundam 00 Portraits Wang Li
Gundam 00 Portraits Princess Marina Ismail
Gundam 00 Portraits Soma
Code Geass Portraits Kallen Pilot Suit
Code Geass Portraits Kallen Japan Liberation Front Outfit
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Rena Hojo Figure
Evangelion Portraits Dr. Ritsuko Figure
Ah My Goddess Lind Figure

Star Trek The Next Generation Diamond Select Locutus of Borg

2 Hallmark Ornament Ships hanging on top of the DVDs on stands:
Enterprise NCC-1701 with shuttle
Enterprise NX-01

And Transformers Classics Rodimus

Except where otherwise noted, pictures are licensed under a Creative Commons By-NC-ND License.

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