queen's_blade cattleya a+ ryuusukequeen's_blade cattleya a+ ryuusuke
I had to run down to my Grandparents the day I received my Cattleya statue. I stopped at the post office before going there and just couldn't wait to get home to open it! Besides, my Grandpa was eagerly awaiting to see the statue I've been going on about for months.

He said it was amazing, but I'm not sure if he was referring to Cattleya or the statue itself, lol. He kept asking to hold her but I just couldn't risk it. It was a miracle that she didn't come broken and I didn't want to jinx it. Besides that, my Grandma wouldn't allow it (she wouldn't allow Grandpa to see her topless either), lol.

On a serious note: My Grandpa is going to be 89 this Tuesday. He's been through the war, a stroke, bladder cancer and open heart surgery at age 87. He truly is an amazing Grandpa, person, and fighter and I am proud to call him my hero. <3

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72 months agoSandowSandow
Pretty nice Cattleya. I'm looking to get the Grampa, though. Think I can find him on Mandarake for a decent price ? He's on my wishlist.
01 year agoVyktarVyktar
this image is beautiful
01 year agoCrysisJDCrysisJD
Awesome ^^
01 year ago (1 year ago)HarumikuHarumiku
This made me smile, what an awesome grandpa :3
01 year agoSamuraiofHeijiSamuraiofHeiji
i feel the happiness of yours when you told about your grandpa and your story.
11 year agoReinierReinier
Your grandpa made it on Tosh.O!

(ext link)
02 years agoOtakuAi-chanOtakuAi-chan
Awesome Grandpa! I envy you
02 years agoMoolongTeaMoolongTea
Wow! I didn't even read the whole story yet, but this picture is already convincing me of everything! :D
02 years ago (2 years ago)TsuntakuTsuntaku
That's pretty awesome! ^_^
02 years ago117117
That's pretty awesome

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