alter k-on! hirasawa_yui hirasawa_ui tanaka☆senualter k-on! hirasawa_yui hirasawa_ui tanaka☆senu
Thank you to all who appreciate this ^^ I'm happy.

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05 years agoMona_samaMona_sama
05 years agoRaiskiRaiski
ahah, it fits perfectly! :D
05 years agoPoketheMerchPoketheMerch
Awwwww, such a moe-blob. >w<
05 years agocandycaninecandycanine
pinkcheeksi want this playset! sylvannian families right? :)
yes :3
05 years agonueulaisnueulais
wake up yui~
its time to go to school now
05 years agopinkcheekspinkcheeks
i want this playset! sylvannian families right? :)
05 years agocandycaninecandycanine
marimomoawwww... kaya pa yan! :))
05 years agomarimomomarimomo
candycaninewala na.

awwww... kaya pa yan! :))
05 years agocandycaninecandycanine
marimomocongrats! potw na!
wala na.
05 years agomarimomomarimomo
congrats! potw na!

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