kotobukiya sega tony_taka shining_hearts matsumoto_kouei xiao_meikotobukiya sega tony_taka shining_hearts matsumoto_kouei xiao_mei

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05 years agovexxlpvexxlp
05 years agoSagaOtakuSagaOtaku
Amazing ^__^ Makes me wish I had her :_:
05 years agow8verid3rw8verid3r
nice~ B-)
05 years agoMoun3Moun3
Nice and cute picture, loving the whole scene :)
05 years ago (5 years ago)VamppyVamppy
Best shot from Xiao Mei @MFC! XDDDD
She is such a beautiful figure.
05 years agoNekokoNekoko
itsame00Beautiful shot! is that fish food real?

sure~Tayaki is very delicious.
05 years agodeadsyndicatedeadsyndicate
Great shot.
05 years agokazoidkazoid
nice picture!
05 years ago (5 years ago)itsame00itsame00
Beautiful shot! is that fish food real?



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