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01 year agoKurogaKuroga
True story xD
01 year agoWolfxZer0WolfxZer0
01 year agopuccapardinipuccapardini
So true!! XD
01 year agoRaindropxRaindropx
So true
01 year agoMizuchi-RekkazanMizuchi-Rekkazan
Kamimamidalol at everyone taking this post so seriously...
I'm waiting for a check your privilege post... If there's not already one in here.

Is what first came to mind.

Creamsicle is my OTP
01 year agoKamimamidaKamimamida
lol at everyone taking this post so seriously...
01 year agojenajena Moon Prism Power!
I want both wishlists!
01 year agosuzumiyaandysuzumiyaandy
Itikioyou know this was a joke post right
as in sarcasm

That image just came to mind, that's all.
01 year agoterramishuterramishu nyan?
cioudrunnerfiuteI need to know too! I need friends!
I go to conventions all the time but I don't find figure collectors, I find rave enthusiasts and gothic Lolita chicks. If they don't know what MFC and own only 5 or so figures I can't seem to find many similar interests. I've even tried introducing them, but they were like "whoaaa I would never spend that much money on figures!"
(I spend like $200 average a month.. #foreveraloneoutsidetheinternet)

*raises hand and waves*

I'm sure there are many women who collect figures out there.
Maybe... maybe they (figure collectors) just don't go to conventions? I've yet to visit one...
01 year ago (1 year ago)TsukikoTsukiko
"This is what we call ‘special snowflake’ syndrome, in which the subject believes that because she occupies a subculture mildly different to the mainstream, she is inherently better, and above them. The subject will never state that she is better, but it is implied, as is the belief that she is rare in her qualities, despite, in reality, being an only slightly less common cliche. Subjects suffering from this syndrome have been known to make statements such as “I’m the girl who’d rather stay home reading Harry Potter than get drunk and get ‘sweet hooks’ “, and will frequently act as if she is under tremendous pressure to act like a ‘typical girl,’ not realizing that ‘typical girls’ are a myth, and those she looks down upon are not what they seem."

The "other girls vs me" thing really needs to just stop. It's okay to like different things, you don't have to generalize each other and try to prove you're ~different~ or better or whatever. If you look down on someone because you think their hobbies are too stereotypical for their gender than you are just as bad as the ones who would judge you for liking Uta no Prince bed sheets and uno.

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