alter k-on! akiyama_mio numakura_toshiakialter k-on! akiyama_mio numakura_toshiaki

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02 years agoChristownChristown
Awesome pic!
06 years agohive_destructionhive_destruction
That's the way to rock n' roll.
06 years agoMichikoMichiko
Beautiful picture, I really like the lights!
06 years agodrowrangerdrowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Amazing shot and I just adore the lights in the back!
06 years agocoelicoeli
Awesome picture!
06 years agoVisualFanfareVisualFanfare Macross Fanatic
I hate you and this picture! Every time I log in to MFC I see this picture in the POTM sidebar. It finally forced me to pick up this figure as well! LOL

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! >_<
06 years agoJisu-chanJisu-chan
Awesome picture, love the background!^^
06 years agoMiyuMiyu
Wow, great picture! Luv the light in the background!! *o*
Nice work!! <3
06 years agojabesjabes
Great picture!
06 years agoMegujaMeguja
Great shot! I really like the light! :3

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