A lil pic just for Lolz of what I've done during the latest episode of Kuroko. Dunno If I'm gonna finish him or make a completly different figure or maybe none of the above. Any fans of Kuroko in here? I believe my figurine could be the first merch featuring him hy hy Does it even resemble him without me telling you who he was? I find it difficult to get his hair right in nendo form, any suggestions?

Part 2 picture #451583
Part 3 picture #452296

Finished version picture #465895

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04 years ago (4 years ago)CINCIN
Yeah it's a really solid show. I really like the way its characters are being developed. All those fancy tricks they come up with during the matches remind me a little of my fav childhood anime, Captain Tsubasa :)

Will prolly try to polish his hair a lil bit more and if I'm happy with the results will post them and prolly finish him.
04 years agoJofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
Kuroko fan over here! although I haven't read the manga, only watching the series, but it's intense. the latest episode had me on edge! had me holding my breath in suspense lol

I hope you don't stop working on him because now I'm really curious about how he'll turn out. to be honest tho, I wasn't able to identify him until I read the description, but I should have guessed it because I think you got his dead fish eyes spot on.



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