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05 months agoRene-XRene-X
My Dream XD
02 years agofrerr2frerr2
I want holo holding beer!!!!!
02 years agoastarte952astarte952
holo invasion!
02 years agoKuda24Kuda24
Wow...this awesomeness has everything, figures of all sizes, perfect display, posters, and almost enough Holo....I say "almost" because there's no such thing as enough Holo ;D

Very Nice
02 years agootaku_clubotaku_club
The Holo shrine.
02 years agoJofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
colllecionador (2 years ago) #1003608It's a custom nendo.
wow they look really good. did you make them yourself?
02 years agosephirot22sephirot22
o///o.... ¡Holo-chwaaaaaaaaaan!
02 years agokuroSTkuroST
02 years agocolllecionadorcolllecionador
Jofuu (2 years ago) #1003602where did you get those nendoroid looking Holo's? :O

It's a custom nendo.
02 years agoJofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
where did you get those nendoroid looking Holo's? :O

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