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01 year agopeacecraftpeacecraft nazi space vampires
I wasn't a huge fan of Fractale, but I just love this Nessa figure. (I wish she would of kept her original character design in the anime itself!!)
01 year agokixkillradiokixkillradio
itsame00 (1 year ago) #1009114Beautiful shot of a beautiful fig.
Glad you like it itsame00, thank you very much ^_^
01 year agokixkillradiokixkillradio
Aqua (1 year ago) #1008217Beautiful flower shot with Nessa! <3
Thank you Aqua! ^^
01 year agoitsame00itsame00
Beautiful shot of a beautiful fig.
01 year agoAquaAqua
Beautiful flower shot with Nessa! <3



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