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01 year agobelletzxbelletzx
omg, my wallet need clotting drug rightnow.............T.T
01 year agoInnocenceShiroInnocenceShiro
escape_rope (1 year ago) #1018801oh yeah, that would be HORRIBLE O__O
Hopefully someone can find more scans/pics of this mag. I wanna see the pics and especially the text! I hope these won't come out this year..
edit:// just remembered, MH put a bunch of their November releases up for pre-order this week so I assume these have to come out later.

I hope it D: so much figures for these months,and I'm waiting for the Uta No Prince-Sama figures from Alter @@
01 year agozierlizierli
yep I must agree..Rin looks strange..his face is horrible. Yukio looks cool, though. It is a blurry pic, so maybe.. they will both turn out good.
01 year agoManicToysManicToys
Rin looks like a lizard.
01 year agoTronBonneTronBonne
Rin looks so strange lol. Maybe it's all the blurriness, but I really like how Yukio turned out. I want better pics!
01 year agoSushiCatSushiCat
Well, if they look good with such brilliant skills of photography, then how good must they look in real life? I can't wait for the official pictures though, ehehehe.
01 year ago (1 year ago)escape_ropeescape_rope
SaRu (1 year ago) #1018898so the new trends for magazine pics are blurry and "move the camera while taking the pic" _-_
+ get a cool shine by "directing light on the mag while taking the pic"
01 year ago (1 year ago)mikki-malumikki-malu
Can't wait!
01 year agoSaRuSaRu 893 image not found
so the new trends for magazine pics are blurry and "move the camera while taking the pic" _-_
01 year ago (1 year ago)escape_ropeescape_rope
Jofuu (1 year ago) #1018882I thought the same. he has that snake looking smirk going on lol I mean like Ichimaru Gin and Koko from Jormungand but yes, we need more pics before we judge XD
I hope we don't have to wait for better pics for too long.
I'd like to see more pics from this mag (not official ones 'cause it usually means the fig goes up for pre-order very soon ^^")

oh, a new AnE chapter is out now!

Kibi (1 year ago) #1018881Yukio's pose looks real cool!
yessss, I know I'm gonna love this figure so so much ;;u;; *already in luv with it*

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