nendoroid phat_company azuki_miho bakuman. takahama_kannendoroid phat_company azuki_miho bakuman. takahama_kan
Nendoroid Miho Azuki

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Comments (8)

02 years agoKibiKibi Prisma Kibino
Your shots are great. Those little kimonos are very adorable! <3
02 years agokixkillradiokixkillradio
Thanks for the love everyone! ^_^
02 years agomayokumayoku
02 years agoEllisEllis
02 years agosilverangelsilverangel
So cute I could eat her! Also really nice kimono :D
02 years agoEspressoEspresso
Nice outfit :D ...It suits her very well, and looks very cute :)
02 years agokixkillradiokixkillradio
bunny98 (2 years ago) #1031074LOVE her outfit !! <3
thanks bunny! :)
02 years agobunny98bunny98
LOVE her outfit !! <3



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