kotobukiya kousaka_kirino ore_no_imouto_ga_konna_ni_kawaii_wake_ga_nai hiroshi_(sakurazensen)

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Comments (7)

02 years agoFishcaek-ChanFishcaek-Chan
Oh, marvelous!!♥
02 years agokhattkhatt
Lovely pic angle and scale! Like Meganesempai, my thought was that this has a fashion shot feel. Kirino looks very happy and lively.
02 years agoEllisEllis
02 years agoMeganesenpaiMeganesenpai
Looks like a fashion shot! Very cute!
02 years agonitromobnitromob
Hello pretty girl. Very nice pic!
02 years agoitsame00itsame00
Yea, pic really does look realistic! Nice.
02 years agosilentxangelsilentxangel
Nicely done! It's very realistic :3



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