claymore mug clare shueisha miria deneve helenclaymore mug clare shueisha miria deneve helen
These 2 things came with my order. They were very very tasty. No clue what they are.

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04 years agosorrowmoonsorrowmoon #47
SaRu (4 years ago) #1045296damn! that cheeto! D:

Giant cheeto and there's a hole down the middle. You could probably make a pogo stick out of it.
04 years ago (4 years ago)ice_time_1996ice_time_1996
I also want to try it, but I prefer nmaibo~. (My, my, that left one looks like corn pottage! xD)
04 years agocatbotcatbot
Man i want to try umaibo, but our stores only sell them in huge packs.
04 years agoSaRuSaRu image not found
damn! that cheeto! D:



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