saber type_moon good_smile_company fate/zero nitroplus kawahara_takayukisaber type_moon good_smile_company fate/zero nitroplus kawahara_takayuki

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04 years agoTsuntakuTsuntaku
Lol. Saber looks like she's on a bat mobile. Super cool photo, love your website!
04 years agoa176621960a176621960
so cool
04 years agoHar_benHar_ben
Muy buen trabajo, que chevere quedo la foto...
04 years agoLuzaiLuzai
Thanks for all your nice comments, guys. She's a gorgeous figure and photographs really well. :)
04 years agokazoidkazoid
Awesome picture, I love it! I'm still waiting to get mine.
04 years agoMiigueru-kunMiigueru-kun
Very nice picture ^^
04 years agoPedropinillaPedropinilla
Very nice picture, the lights & shadows all over the bike make this one a nice picture.
Congratulations and thanks for sharing~ ^^
04 years agoHIPmountainHIPmountain
Wow!!! Really awesome pic, It definitely has a sense of realism to it, pro skillz for sure!
04 years agoMoePinheadMoePinhead
Nice pic!the street light make saber cuirassier alive!
04 years agoVNS_AntarisVNS_Antaris
Nice shot!

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