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01 year agoterramishuterramishu nyan?
Looks like she's on stage and we're right behind her with a backstage pass <3
01 year agomindlessmoansmindlessmoans
her hair looks so beautiful
01 year agoPahsminaPahsmina
So stunning!
01 year agoHigariHigari
reminds me of Sheryl Nome
01 year agojenajena Moon Prism Power!
This picture has made me even more excited for this figure. Thank you.
01 year agodrowrangerdrowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Gorgeous shot and amazing lighting! *claps*
01 year agoitsame00itsame00
She looks really good from the back!
01 year agoPoketheMerchPoketheMerch
The hair is beautiful! =O
01 year agoVisualFanfareVisualFanfare Macross Fanatic
A star is born! *_*
01 year agoAshlotteAshlotte Full-time Reviewer
Absolutely adore the lighting. <3

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