cat banpresto bakemonogatari ichiban_kuji kyun-chara aniplex kodansha shaft black_hanekawa toitekku ichiban_kuji_bakemonogatari_×_nisemonogatari
She is very cute and quite tanned.
My cat loves her too =D

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Comments (8)

02 years agopeanut2cattiespeanut2catties
被萌到了= =
02 years agotvematvema
khatt (2 years ago) friends!

Yes, they are =D
02 years agokhattkhatt friends!
02 years ago (2 years ago)tvematvema
Thanks everyone!!! ^_^
02 years agoENDorphinsENDorphins
nyaa~! Good snapshot!
02 years agoPedropinillaPedropinilla
HMOG So kawaii that hurts!... in fact, now's hurting xD
Best picture of the day, congratulations and thanks for sharing~
02 years agoMaoMao
Yaay so cute Tsubasa <3
02 years agoVNS_AntarisVNS_Antaris
cute >w<



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